The president
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The president

The head of the public social welfare centre is appointed via the majority pact the Municipal Council approves when settling into office and the official is sworn in as a social welfare councillor. Serving on the Municipal Board of Mayor and Aldermen, the President oversees the public social welfare centre's activities, while being responsible for enforcing the decisions.

Jeanne-Marie Oleffe

Téléphone+32 (0) 10 43 65 01
E-mail me contacter

Attribution: Présidente du CPAS d’Ottignies-Louvain-la-Neuve
Adresse: Avenue des Combattants, 33 - 1340 Ottignies

* is responsible for enforcing the decisions of the Social Welfare Council, special committees and the Permanent Office.
* has political authority over the Secretaries and oversees the activities of the public social welfare centre,
* convenes the Social Welfare Council and Permanent Office, and adopts the agenda,
* chairs the Social Welfare Council, the Permanent Office, special committees.
* represents the public social welfare centre in judicial and extrajudicial matters,
* joins with the Secretary in signing any official documents issued by the public social welfare centre,
* may, in an emergency, and within the limits of the rules of procedure, decide to award emergency assistance (via the public social welfare centre's social department), a decision that has to be presented during the next Council meeting for ratification,
* is a member of the Municipal Executive

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