Affichage pour les mal voyants

Secretary : Philippe MOUREAU


 The official attends, without taking part in the votes, meetings of the Social Welfare Council and the Permanent Office. The official

  •  Is in charge of writing up the minutes of these meetings.
  •  Is the law guardian.
  •  Is responsible for entering the minutes and deliberations in the ad hoc registers.
  •  Maintains the archives.
  •  Manages the administration and is the staff manager.
  •  Draws up the preliminary draft budget and budgetary amendments.
  •  Carries out the relevant duties under the supervision of the President.

Collector. The official : Frédéric BAEYENS

  •   Collects revenue.
  •   Pays authorised expenditure.
  •   Is in charge of acts which interrupt the limitation period, arranges for seizures, notifies the Council about late payments and any infringements of the Centre's entitlements.
  •   Is required to provide a guarantee to cover the official's administration.
  •   Is in charge of keeping the Centre's accounts.
  •   Carries out the relevant duties under the supervision of the President.

Social workers


  •   They are required to help people to overcome and improve dire situations.
  •   They appraise social cases.
  •   They offer social guidance to the interested parties.
  •   They work to ensure people and families can live a dignified human life.

Specific and technical staff


  •   Community health nurses.
  •   Child care workers.
  •   Home helps and domestic helps.
  •   Meals on wheels staff.
  •   Monitors.
  •  Kitchen staff.
  •  Maintenance staff.
  •  Outreach staff.
  •  Instructors.

Administrative staff




  • Licensed child care providers
  • Volunteers
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