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Urban planning
2 (3rd Floor), Espace du Coeur de Ville
1340 Ottignies
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Monday 12h30 à 19h00
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The activities of the Urban planning department.

The Urban planning department's primary task is to investigate requests for urban planning permits before issuing them. These generally involve applications to build, extend, convert accommodating units... but also cover the building of garden sheds, verandas, swimming pools... The statutory time limits for obtaining an urban planning limit vary between 30 and115 days depending on whether it is a straightforward or extra-statutory project or covered by a public inquiry and whether the application is complete: it features all the required documents and notices.

Members of the department and key tasks.

  • Jocelyne Molens :  head of department (present).
  • Benoît Van Calbergh : cartographer.
  • Tatiana Krilova :  assistant cartographer.
  • David Branco :  reception, tracking permit applications, municipal land planning and mobility advisory committee...
  • Pierre Juckler :  architect, investigation of permit application files
  • Véronique Charton : reception, public inquiries, forwarding permits...
  • Jean-Marc Moermans :

    control officer, examines the technical dimension of applications, checks buildings...

  • Geneviève Meeus : encoding documentation, preparing urban planning permits...
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